Chin Peng Lorry Transport Sdn Bhd consist of more than 50 staffs, including 30 drivers and technical workers for transportation and logistics services. We supply and transport a variety of sands and stones to cater to different construction project requirements.
From fine sands for roof tiles manufacturing and course sands for developments and structural piles to other varieties of sands and rocks for your fundamental pilings to the completion of roofs and supplying Premix for asphalt pavings which we currently are supplying for government projects.
We practice strict Standard of Procedures in terms of safety for all of our employees and quality controls of our raw materials extracted. Raw materials are carefully selected to ensure the best results given.
Weekly trainings are provided to ensure the safety of our employees and site visits. Adhering to strict measurements, we ensure and guarantee safety and quality control to our clients as well.
Our comprehensive services and lists of raw materials ensures accurate project planning, ease of procurements and saving more time but optimizing and accelerating work progress without the need of retain and maintenance of lorries.